When should I see a doctor about a lump in my neck?

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Well, the neck is full of structures, such as muscles, bones, cartilage, fat, various glands such as lymph glands, salivary glands, the thyroid gland, windpipe, the voicebox, the gullet, all of which can become lumpy for one reason or another, and all of which can either be benign or malignant The general rule, if you have a neck lump that is associated with any difficulties in breathing, then you should get that seen immediately

Beyond that, if you have a lump that hasn't gone away within a couple of weeks, then you should go and get it seen by a doctor If you have a lump that is rapidly increasing in size or painful, then you could see a doctor prior to the end of those two weeks The doctor will examine you and depending on local arrangements either send you for an ultrasound scan to further assess the lump, or they may send you to a neck lump clinic In neck lump clinics, again, we will assess you and organise an ultrasound and in most neck lump clinics, we would be able to organise an ultrasound on the same day as your initial assessment When you have the ultrasound depending on what the next lump looks like, you may will have a needle biopsy to help make the diagnosis