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The 5 Best Home Remedies for Countering Stomach Acid Acid, also known as heartburn, is a digestive disorder that results from stomach acid flowing up towards the esophagus and mouth This occurs when the muscle responsible for keeping the juices in the stomach, the sphincter, weakens

The key symptom of acid is an uncomfortable burning sensation in the lower area of the chest However, its often confused with heart attack symptoms   In addition, patients suffering acid often experience burping, abdominal inflammation and other common indigestion symptoms While it isnt a serious nor an ongoing problem, its always better to treat acid in order to neutralize pH levels and avoid complications  Fortunately, in addition to conventional antacids, plenty of natural remedies are available that help us feel better faster

In this article, wed like to share the 5 best natural remedies so you know what to do if you encounter this problem Keep on reading! 1 Papaya and flax seed smoothie This delicious papaya smoothie is rich in digestive enzymes and noninflammatory compounds This makes it an excellent alternative for controlling excess acid in the stomach The smoothies fiber content supports digestion while hindering acidic juices from moving into the esophagus by neutralizing the stomachs pH level

Ingredients 3 slices of papaya 1 tablespoon of flax seeds (10 g) A cup of water (200 ml) 1 tablespoon of organic honey (25 g) Preparation First, cube the papaya and blend it together with the flax seeds, water and honey Once the mix is homogeneous, serve immediately Drinking instruction Drink the smoothe after heavy meals As a preventive measure, drink before meals     2

Mint tea In addition to mints digestive properties, we can also use it to reduce heartburn Mint helps with eliminating waste as well as controlling excessive acid production  Ingredients 1 tablespoon of mint leaves (10 g) A cup of water (250 ml) 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g) (optional) Preparation Put the mint leaves in a cup of boiling water and leave it for 20 minutes When the water has cooled, use a colander to strain the leaves If youd like, sweeten the tea with a tablespoon of honey

Drinking instruction Drink the tea 30 minutes before eating Aloe vera, cucumber and apple smoothie The combination of this homemade smoothies ingredients is perfect for neutralizing excessive acid production in the stomach Also, it helps soothe the resulting irritation   The laxative properties of this recipe help eliminate leftover waste in the colon in addition to being great for promoting bacterial flora Ingredients ½ cucumber 2 green apples 3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel (45 g) 1 cup of water (200 ml) 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g) Preparation Dice the cucumber and apples

Then, proceed to blend them with the aloe vera gel and water Make sure to blend thoroughly Before drinking, sweeten the mixture with honey Drinking instruction Drink the smoothie after heavy meals Baking soda and lemon The alkaline power of baking soda mixed with lemon helps to neutralize acids in the digestive system

As a result, this combination soothes irritation and burning sensations Furthermore, both ingredients help with digesting heavy meals and decreasing excess gas Ingredients 1 teaspoon of baking soda (5 g) The juice of ½ lemon 1 cup of water (200 ml) Preparation Mix the baking soda and lemon juice in a glass of water Then, stir well and wait for the blend to fizz out Drinking instruction Drink the mixture when you first notice stomach acid symptoms

Potato water The starch found in potatoes– which also has fibers and antioxidants- is perfect for controlling acid symptoms Its light alkaline effect regulates the stomachs pH level In addition, it prevents gastric juices from passing towards the upper part of the body by keeping the sphincter in check Ingredients 1 potato ½ cup of water (125 ml) Preparation Grate the potato and strain the pulp to extract its natural liquid Make sure that the potato doesnt have black or green spots, as theyre signs of toxic substances

After, combine 2 or 3 tablespoons of the potato juice with the half cup of water Drinking instruction Sip the mixture when you feel acid and heartburn Do you often feel the effects of stomach acid? Treat it naturally with one of the remedies on our list and try out their benefits for yourself On a final note, make sure to analyze your diet Whats causing your acid might be problematic food combinations or excessive consumption of irritating foods