Lower Back Pain Relief Juice: A Tasty Placebo!

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Hey guys Today we're making lower back pain relief juice

If you take this juice everyday for 30 days it's gonna help with your lower back pain I promise Stick with me because first I'm going to show you how to make it and then I'm going to show you why this works Aright here we go Eleven ounces of coconut water you can use regular water if you want put coconut water makes it kind of tropical and delicious

Two full ribs of celery One cup of spinach Or just a giant handful is good too A slice of lemon This time we're peeling it

But you don't have to take the peel off if you don't want to It's not going to affect the flavor or make it bitter at all One thumb-sized knob of ginger Same story with the pealing here We are going to peel it but you don't have to

One cup of pineapple This isn't a perfect science here You can add as much pineapple as you want And wait, do you know how to cut pineapple? Here's how you do it Top off bottom off and then skin it

So all the way around And then one last time to remove any kind of sharp pieces And then flip it on its side and cut coins Like giant coins And then cut it into squares

You can eat the entire thing except the middle The core is tough to eat on your own with your human teeth You can blend it We're going to blend the core But if you're putting the pineapple chunks in a bowl

The core you can compost Oh, actually, I take it back Take the cores and put them separately in to a little Tupperware put it in the freezer Those you can blend later And then a cup of ice

We're gonna blend for about a minute until it's nice and smooth You can see this one's really foamy And that's because of the celery If you don't like foamy juices, don't use celery You can see it pretty quickly separates

It's kind of pretty actually It's not staying fully homogenized because we're not using, sort of, binding ingredients like chia seeds, flax seeds, banana, mango We're going to run a second round here because we want a little more ice, a little more watery, a little colder And a tip to reduce some of that foam: At the very end, you can run your Vitamix on low speed That'll kind of pop some of the bubbles and, kind of, have it reduce a little bit

And then pour it out, tall glass enjoy this one This one's actually really good as like a room temperature juice, especially if you didn't go for that second round of ice So while we're cleaning the Vitamix I want to show you a few things about low back pain It's totally normal It's a message from your body

And it can be cured naturally And believe it or not in most cases if you don't have a structural bone or joint or disc issue, physical activity helps The other day, my back was hurting, my lower back, and I did yoga Yoga fixed it Stretching, a little bit of strength

When your hamstrings are tight, your lower back is gonna hurt And these days, we can't talk about pain without talking about opioids and the opioid epidemic that's happening here in America Doctors are weary of this and now there are new guidelines from the American College of Physicians and they say: you have to believe You have to believe that your lower back pain can be cured naturally Because it can

And a really easy way to believe is to take a placebo, placebos work Someone gives you something and they say that it's going to fix your problem, more likely than not, it's going to fix your problem So lower back pain relief juice, its part placebo I'm telling you it's gonna fix your lower back pain so it will The other way that it works to reduce lower back pain: It's got anti-inflammatory ingredients

Celery, ginger, spinach, pineapple, all have anti inflammatory properties are going to help reduce inflammation and make you feel so much better Guys I'm not a doctor but here's my prescription for you Take this lower back pain relief juice for 30 days It will help you And if you're up for it maybe find a little 10 minute yoga video do some stretching

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