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(chill music) – [Dr Andy] Hey everybody, this is Dr

Andy over at Cardinal Chiropractic and Sports Recovery here in Burlington Today I wanna discuss elbow pain Elbow pain is pretty interesting, because there's so many different things that can be part of it We could have the joint and the joint capsule, we can also have muscle problems, and we can have ligament or tendon issues And we can't really fix ya until we know exactly which one is causing your pain, so we're gonna go through each one individually, just like I would during the exam, figure out which one it is so that I know the best possible treatment for you

If we are gonna talk about a joint problem, we're literally talking about how well the joints are gliding, meaning how the bones are moving together, so if we're looking here at our elbow, the joint itself is made up of three different bones, we have the humerus, we have the radius, and we have the ulna Right, so comin' down from the arm we got the humerus coming through here, and then we got the radius, then we got the ulna, okay? Typically if we have a articular disorder, meaning if the joint is causing our pain, it's right here, it's your fibular head It will rock posteriorly, and it will cause pain usually on the inside of the elbow Excuse me, on the outside of the elbow Inside the elbow's gonna be more right through here, and you might actually have more of a, (laughs) let's flip it around, right in through here more of articular disorder right here with the olecranon

Okay? So that is the joint itself We can actually throw on here and throw on the joint capsule, so this is what the joint capsule looks like It literally is like a balloon that surrounds the joint itself So when you think of a joint, a joint is really made up of where the bones come together, and then also the joint capsule, so if that becomes inflamed, we have inflammation, usually relating to a loss of motion and how the joints are moving together, we can have pain through here, as well All right? Let's talk about muscle problems

This is definitely the bigger issue All right? So you have wrist extensors, which help your hand go backwards, and then you have wrist flexors, which helps your hand point back towards you Let me see if I got this right Now we need one more layer, there we are So the flexors sit on the front, they actually attach to the bone right here, on the ulna, right where the elbow is, so if you have an overuse injury, think a golfer's elbow, overuse injury, or maybe pain sitting at your computer typing away, and you got, you know, pain on the inside of your elbow, right in through here, that could be an overuse injury because of this muscle right here, so you can have pain in the muscle belly, kinda sittin' right in the middle of the muscle, you can have pain, you know, actually where the tendon, meaning the tendon is where the muscle attaches to the bone, you're really close to the elbow as well

If you have the opposite, you have a, what's called a tennis elbow injury, that's on the back of the elbow So on the back of the forearm, you have your extensors, and they move up and they attach on the outside of the elbow, so if you have pain on the outside of the elbow, it's usually an extensor problem, and you can have pain in the actually muscle belly, like the middle of the forearm, but you can also have pain right up at the outside of the elbow, either one can obviously be quite uncomfortable, and you can get it again from, you know, tennis, any kind of extension injury, as well as pluggin' away the keyboard, so it's really a wide gamut of what we see So those are three really common problems that we see with elbow, and again, we can't, you know, determine which is the best form of treatment until we know exactly what's wrong with you But hopefully this kind of illuminated the elbow a little bit, you have a little bit better of an idea of what's going on If you have any questions for us, obviously contact us

You can post below, you can email us, you know, reach out to us on social media, obviously share with a friend if you found it useful, and we'll have another elbow video for you next week Thank you guys so much! Bye (slow beat music) (logo whoosh)