Apple Peels Put to the Test for Chronic Joint Pain

“Apple peels with chronic joint pain” Regular intake of apples is linked with all kinds of useful things, such as a longer life, especially lower risk of cancer death. Here’s the survival curve for older women, who do not eat one apple a day. Ten years later, almost a quarter died, and 15 years later, almost half have already left. But those who average they consume half an apple a day, they don’t transfer so fast, and those who eat one apple a day – over 100 gr.

– about a glass of apple slices, they live even longer. Yes, but maybe people who eat apples every day, just practice other healthy habits, like moving more or not smoking, and this is the real reason why they live longer. Studies have been done on most factors – obesity, smoking, poverty, disease, movement – as well as comparing apples to apples (so to speak). But what they didn’t check, is healthy eating in general. Studies show that people who regularly eat apples, consume not just nutrients such as fiber contained in apples, but they also eat less added sugar, less saturated fat – in other words they eat generally healthier; and so, no wonder people who eat apples live longer. But whether eating apples is just an indicator of healthy eating or there is something else in the apples themselves, which is useful? We can’t know until… we will not check. There are all kinds of fun studies like the one where the participants randomly get in the morning or nothing, or caffeinated energy drink, or black coffee, or apple, given that athletes use diversity of commonly used incentive strategies of your excitement, knowledge and fulfillment before the morning workout.

Did the apple retain its origin? Yes, it seems to work just as well, as much as caffeinated drinks. However, the problem with these studies is, that they are not secret. People in the apple group knew that they eat an apple, and so maybe there was some prejudice to expectations, a placebo effect that made them unconscious to make additional efforts during the test and distort the results. There is no way to stuff an entire apple into a pill. So the researchers instead, examined specific components of apples; so they can do a placebo-controlled double-secret study, where half the people take in the elements contained in the fetus, the other half receive a sugar pill and it is not known to the end who he accepted. The problem here, though, is that Whole food is no longer used which removes the symphony from interactions among the thousands of phytonutrients all over the apple. Most these special nutrients are concentrated in the peel, however.

Instead of throwing away millions pounds of food in the trash can, why the researchers just don’t try to put dried and powdered peels on in opaque capsules to cover them and then do double-secret studies with that? Even a small amount could increase the content of phytochemicals quite a bit and antioxidant activity. The meat industry has come to the conclusion: Dried apple peels in powder reduce the microbial attacks in the meat and defend against the appearance of carcinogens during cooking. And one of the carcinogens that forms during meat roasting, is a beta-carboline alkaloid, a neurotoxin, who can contribute to the development of neurological diseases, like Parkinson. I made a video about this a while ago. Raw meat does not have any; the neurotoxin is formed when the meat is cooked, but the levels can be cut in half, if the meat is marinated first with dried peel of apple powder. This also reduces the amount fecal bacteria contamination in meat. Faecal bacteria that develop before and after the addition of dried peel of apple powder in pork, beef and turkey.

Apple peels can also inhibit formation of genotoxic, DNA damaging, heterocyclic amines, reducing the levels of these carcinogens in cooked meat by more than half. In view of the risks associated with consumption of these compounds in the meat causing cancer, there is a need to reduce exposure, stopping HCA formation, for example, by adding dried apples to powder during the cooking of the meat, to prevent their production. I can think of no other way to reduce contact. (mockingly) How about direct consumption of apple peels? It has been found that the dried apple peel powder have a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, but in mice. Do they have the same anti-inflammatory properties in humans? There’s no way to know … until we check. Several people with moderate loss of range of motion of the joints and associated chronic pain receive one tablespoon of dried apple peels daily for 12 weeks and the pain decreases month by month, and the range of motion is improving in the neck, shoulders, back and hips.

Conclusion: consumption of dried peel of apple powder is related to improvement in joint function and pain relief. Why just “connected”? Because there was no control group; so all of them maybe have improved by themselves or there may have been a placebo effect. But hey, let’s give apple peel a chance, by eating more apples.

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